About Helix

Responsibly grown, high-quality hemp

Here at Helix we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products at the best price, all while making sure that we are taking care of the planet and all of its residents. This means that our hemp is locally sourced and organically grown. All of our products are made using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. All of this, while providing you with the best products possible.

From Seed to Bottle

With Helix Wellness, you know where your CBD products are coming from—nature. We preserve the greatest that mother earth has to offer, no unnecessary additives, no harmful processes. From seed to sale, our quality assurance process is held to the highest of standards. We see to it that the products arriving at your door are the products you deserve, no exceptions.

What’s so great about CBD?

American grown

Our farm is run in conjunction with AgTech Scientific, which started as a research farm to find a better way to give pets CBD. But knowing how beneficial CBD may be for humans, the focus has shifted so that we can share the potential benefits of CBD with you. AgTech has partnered with the University of Kentucky to better understand the best ways to grow, cultivate, and process hemp. With our large-scale outdoor farm and indoor greenhouse all located in Paris, Kentucky, we can control what is in our hemp and how it's treated. This way we can ensure that you're getting the best CBD products from seed to bottle.


We here at Helix are big believers in treating all life with respect. Which is why all of our CBD products are made using vegan and cruelty-free practices. All of our products are made using only all-natural ingredients. We never use any animal by-products in our CBD. Plus, our products are never tested on animals, so we can stay cruelty-free.